AZ Mission of Mercy


Andra Mahoney, BS RDH

AZ Mission of Mercy

Next month, Decemeber 11th-12th, our offices will be going down to the AZ State Fairgrounds in Phoenix and volunteer again at the 4th Annual AZ Mission of Mercy.

“Since 1994, Mission of Mercy has been providing free healthcare, free dental care, and free prescription medications to the uninsured, under-insured, and those who “fall through the cracks” of our healthcare system.

An independent nonprofit 501 (c)(3), faith-based community organization, Mission of Mercy receives no government funding. Because of this, we can provide healthcare without any pre-qualifications. None of our patients must prove their poverty or residency.

Founded in 1991 and launched in 1994 by clinical pharmacist, Gianna Talone Sullivan, Pharm D., headquartered in Pennsylvania and serving clinics in Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Texas, Mission of Mercy now has 17 clinics providing more than 25,000 free patient visits each year.”

Here are some pictures of when our offices volunteered last year:


This was the line waiting to get in.  Thousands of people waited overnight and in the rain to receive dental care.



Some of our great team!  From Left to Right: Dr Dastrup, Ann – Hygienist, Dr Miller, Morgan – Assistant, Darlene – Assistant, Jennifer – Assistant, and Dr Jenkins.


Dr Jenkins and Darlene


Dr Miller and Morgan


Dr Dastrup and Jennifer, hard at work!


Ann, Hygienist, helping brighten smiles!

Amanda Andra AZ MOM

Amanda and Andra, Hygienists, getting ready to clean!

Amanda AZ MOM

Amanda, Hygienist, helping fight plaque and tartar build-up to make a happy mouth!


After waiting in such a long line, it feels nice to relax and have Andra, Hygienist, clean your teeth!


Here are the awesome statistics from last years Mission of Mercy event.  We are looking forward to going again this year!  If you are interested in volunteering for this event, everyone is welcome!  You do not have to be a medical profession, there is a job for everyone.

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One thought on “AZ Mission of Mercy

  1. Andrea has been cleaning my teeth for a couple of years now. She along with all the staff at North Stapley Dental Care have always been great for the almost 20 years I’ve been going there.

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