Random Fun Dental Facts


Amanda Orvis, RDH

Random Fun Dental Fact

Did you know that George Washington’s famous dentures weren’t made from wood?  That is a popular dental myth. George Washington had several sets of teeth fabricated for him, but none of which were made from wood. His dentures included teeth that were crafted from different combinations of gold, ivory, lead and a mixture donkey and hippopotamus teeth.

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The first toothbrush was created in the late 18th century by a prisoner. The toothbrush had a carved bone handle with boar bristles inserted into drilled holes, the bristles were held in place by wire.

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The first nylon bristle toothbrush was created in 1938. It was called Doctor West’s Miracle Toothbrush.

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Have you ever heard of Supernumerary teeth? Hyperdontia is the true term for Supernumerary teeth. These are teeth that appear in addition to the normal number of teeth.

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The first known floss was made of silk and was invented in 1815 in New Orleans.

In the year 1210 Barber-Surgeons evolved. Their job duties included hygiene services such as shaving and tooth extractions. Can you imagine going to get a haircut/shave and then having your tooth pulled? Ouch!

In 1776 Paul Revere used the first known post-mortem dental forensics by identifying his deceased friend according to the dental bridge that he had previously fabricated for him.

1906- Irene Newman was the first trained Dental Hygienist. By the year 1936, thirty states had licensed dental hygienists.

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In 1931 Arm & Hammer dentifrice (toothpaste) was given the first ever ADA Seal (American Dental Association Seal).

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Braces have come a long way. Originally in order to straighten your teeth, it was required to band every single tooth. Today bands are occasionally used on molars to anchor the orthodontic wires to help achieve desired movement.

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