Pizza Party


Ann Clark, RDH

Pizza Party!!
It’s like a dream come true!  Can pizza really be good for oral health?  Pizza is one fast food that is full of nutrition and helps ward off dental problems.  Pizza consumption among Americans is higher than any other Nation.  According to  pizza can be a powerful meal for fighting off many cancers and boosts your dental health.  Italian researchers have discovered eating pizza may reduce the risk of second heart attack, even among the obese. This study projected that eating 14 ou. of pizza a week may reduce the chance for heart attack up to 50%  Lets weigh the odds for 100 grams of pizza….
The following chart shows only 15 grams of fat is used in pizza, this is 5% of the daily intake. The fat source of cheese and oregano oil are both beneficial for health reasons.


Nutritional Facts-100 gems of pizza     Daily values based on 2000kcal diet

Protein                                                    11.21 gm
Carbohydrate                                          28.51 gm
Fat                                                           15.2 gm
Dietary Fiber                                           2,2 gm
Sugar                                                       none
Water                                                       42.44
Vitamin A                                                140 milligrams
Vitamin B1                                              0.22 mg
Vitamin B2                                              0.23 mg
Vitamin B3                                              2.47 mg
Vitamin B5                                              0.27 mg
Vitamin B9                                              47 micrograms
Vitamin B12                                            0.57 micrograms
Selenium                                                  19.6 micrograms
Vitamin C                                                1.9 milligrams
Calcium                                                   151 mg
iron                                                           2.41 mg
Potassium                                                 198 mg
Magnesium                                               24 mg
Phosphorus                                               207 mg
Sodium                                                     618 mg
Copper                                                      0.1 mg
Manganese                                                0.31 mg
Zinc                                                           1.48 mg
Pizza is full of calcium as cheese is one of calciums best sources.  Calcium is important for cell division and muscle contractions, including your heart beat.  It is also important to support bone health, lower the odds of tooth decay and gum disease.This mineral is needed by the cells of our body that carry nerve impulses, for salivary production and enzyme activity for the production and activity of hormones involved in digestion, energy and fat metabolism.  Calcium interacts with sodium, magnesium and potassium to regulate blood pressure and water balance.
Clinical evidence also suggests carvacrol (in oregano oil), may suppress redness and swelling as well as Candida Albicans infections.  It also tastes great!  Eating pizza will help you get your needed protein for building muscle and other bodily tissues, so put meat on your pizza!  Protein maintains tooth structure, mucosal connective tissue development, and immune function.
Carbohydrates give us fuel for the CNS, help fat metabolize and prevent protein from being used as energy.  Chewing on the crust aides to the daily chewing requirement.  This will increase facial muscle tone and decreases mouth sugars by stimulation salivary flow.
Vitamin A helps skin cells grow and maintain mucosal tissues and immune function.
Vitamin B deficiency is common and can affect the mouth.  It can provided a burning sensation in the mouth and the tongue can feel swollen making it hard to swallow, The cheeks may look pale and slough off.  B12  deficiency has now been linked as a contributor to periodontal bone loss.
Tomato sauce is high in vitamin C. This wards off infections and improves immune health.  A deficiency of vitamin C may lead to bleeding gums.  Tomato sauce contains calcium and lycopene.  Lycopene studies show it is used as a preventive carotene for oral cancer
Garlic helps with gum inflammation  and has allinase, foods’ most important cancer fighting and immune-boosting enzyme.
Fiber is an important part of your diet as it promotes digestive health and can reduce serious concerns like heart disease and cancer, so increase your veggie options. Leafy greens have tons of minerals and vitamins and  can protect eyesight, minimize aging problems, ward off gum disease and protect against oral cancer (Phytonutrients).
Evidence shows that pizza has healthy ingredients.  Remember to floss!

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