Banana peels whitening your teeth in the news

Is it possible? There have been a handful of articles in the news and on the internet lately claiming that whitening your teeth is as simple as rubbing old banana peels on your teeth for two minutes twice a day. Now we all know that bananas are a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals for our bodies that can reduce cramping after a long work out, reduce blood pressure and the potassium producing power fruit is also known as a good source of daily energy, but whitening your teeth may be a stretch.

The average banana contains over 400 mg of potassium, 3 grams of fiber, over 10 mg of vitamin C and weights in at right around 100 calories which would definitely plop this fruit smack dab in the center of the super fruit category, but teeth whitening benefits may be beyond the grasp of this natural wonder.

Articles suggest using a ripened banana peel (which contain to the highest levels of potassium) to rub on your teeth for about two minutes (twice a day) will allow the natural minerals to whiten your teeth naturally. Sounds to good to be true! We agree, there is no replacement for professional cleaning and whitening procedures to whiten your teeth to their highest natural level. Now we will never dispute the bananas natural ability to aid in whitening but it is definitely not a replacement for regular dental care.

Lets leave the super fruit up to curing ulcers, eyesight issues and claims of rebuilding bones.

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